Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! On top of being vegan-friendly, all our menu items do not contain allium such as onion, garlic, chives, scallion, shallot, leek, etc.

We deliver during a window which is indicated when you select a timeslot when adding an item to the cart. The window for delivery is usually 10.30am-1.30pm for lunch and 4.30pm-7.30pm for dinner but could be subjected to change. The confirmed timing of the delivery window will be reflected in your order confirmation email. While we offer contactless delivery, we highly recommend having someone available to store the food in the refrigerator if it’s not going to be consumed immediately.

We highly advise against heating up the dishes as they are meant to be eaten chilled. Please note that similar to most takeaway food, the quality and flavour of our dishes deteriorate as more time passes, hence we highly advise that you consume the dishes as soon as possible. If you intend to refrigerate, the food is best eaten about 5-10mins after taking it out of the refrigerator.

After checking out, you will receive an email that your order has been sent to our team. Our team will reach out to you to arrange for payment via PayNow and a confirmation email will be sent to you once your payment has been validated. Unfortunately, we only accept PayNow as a payment method for now. Please note that we do not accept cash payment and we expect to implement debit/credit card payment methods in the future.

Although we serve our food chilled, please treat the shelf life of the food in the same way as any other takeaway food according to NEA’s guidelines. Food should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Furthermore, our dishes should be consumed as soon as possible to ensure the dishes do not lose their quality and flavour significantly. We highly advise against heating up the dishes as they are meant to be eaten chilled.

Our vegan caviar is made using a molecular gastronomy method called reverse spherification. This method allows us to shape our “caviar” sauce which consists only of vegan-friendly ingredients into spheres.

If you have any food allergies, kindly note them in the “Food Allergies” section before you check out. Our team will always check this field and will inform our customers if our dishes contain any of your food allergies.

We provide free delivery for customers ordering 3 sets ($48) and above. For customers ordering 2 sets ($32), we charge $5 and for anything below we charge a flat delivery fee of $10. For any order above $200, it will be considered a bulk order. Please contact us directly through our email at to place the order instead of using the website.

Orders above $200 will be considered bulk orders. Please contact us directly through our email at  to place the order instead of using the website.