About Us

How We Began!

Sudouku was formed with a simple goal of contributing a little to the vast and diverse culinary scene in Singapore. To achieve our goal, we aim to offer, with impeccable service, the highest quality food at the most reasonable prices. 

Our recipes are distilled from a relentless pursuit of the perfect dish. We understand that the perfect dish differs from person to person, hence we curate our ingredients from as many lenses as possible, hoping to offer something special to the wide spectrum of discerning palates of our customers. We make sure to do this without compromising on the focus we bring to every single dish, ensuring that every dish consumed is an epicurean experience.

We achieve competitive prices by optimizing our supply and inventory, making sure that we do not pass on unnecessary costs to our customers. Our dynamic and friendly staff are eager to please and serve our customers with passion and professionalism. We firmly believe that our customers and our interests are absolutely aligned, hence we will always strive to maximize and look out for the interests of our customers.

For Bulk Orders, contact us through:

+65 8753 6700


Vegan Pasta Logo

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes in the world, serving as a perfect avenue to expend our culinary creativity and draw inspiration from the vast amount of available pasta recipes. You will find from our menu that we offer our own twist to some classics, as well as certain combinations created from scratch by our team which will surprise you and delight your palate. Our menu will consistently expand as we explore and experiment different ways of bringing something unique and delicious to our customers.